About Us

Hi there to all of you.

Greetings from staypleasure.com, a recipe diary featuring one recipe at a time.

I’m Pallab Naiya, and I’m the one who runs this blog.

I have resided in India since 2001, having been born in Kolkata, West Bengal.

You may discover simple dishes on staypleasure.com that are suited for one, two, or three servings, and are reduced in fat and sugar! You will thus eat something appetizing and healthful if you are single or just alone! You can find a meal to make you happy too if you’re in a relationship 🤤🙂.

The concept for this blog originated from my realization that, when we are by alone, we frequently overeat, order takeout, and don’t have any control over what we eat—which is frequently costly, high in fat and sugar, or we just eat whatever is in front of us!

I have dropped 29 kg twice in my life, so I am aware of how challenging it can be to drop pounds and keep it off. Since I think Weight Watchers is the only program that provides a comprehensive technique and support for you to effectively make the shift, I’ve done it twice. However, we should never lose sight of what we’ve learned and resume our unhealthy eating habits when the weight has disappeared since it will eventually return! And I’ve already made that mistake!

I maintained my weight loss for seven years after initially dropping 29 kg (I weighed more than 99 kg both times). After that, I went through a difficult time and forgot all I had learned. That’s why I began to gain weight again after the first four months of binge eating.

Even though I haven’t yet succeeded in becoming a “golden member,” I have maintained a nearly normal weight since 2015 (my second attempt)! One day, I’ll return to the program and follow it religiously to lose weight. I’ll inform you!